Belongings (2018 – )

Belongings (2018 –     )

The objects hold the owner’s last day. The imprint of the memory hovers around the objects and a fragment of the owner’s life seeps out. Who bought the jumper for you? Did you enjoy wearing it?

The objects belonged to the people who lost their lives in the Japanese earthquake in 2011. As of February 2018, 69 people were still to be identified. Are they ever going to find their name? In the process of making works, I felt closer to the items and wanted to celebrate the lives which the items had witnessed. The sound of their lives resonates with the objects. They had their family, friends and everyday.

I see the particular blue colour holding many elements of what I am interested in: unsettling feelings, hidden energy, presence and absence, uncertainty and respect of death. (Saori Parry, 2020)